Fixado is a home services app, in short "find a handyman fast". The client contacted me with a request to create an easy to use app.

The challenge
Finding the right person to fix a technical problem at home is often tedious.

Help people find professional workers by building a clear path between them.


User Persona

Based on the data provided by the client, analytics, surveys and marketing research, personas were developed: Emily and James. As they represented the users, I had the right target in mind while designing the app.

Emily - "I like to plan, every minute counts and I don't like waiting."

Occupation: Marketing communications specialist
Age & Location: 26 - new life in a big city
Personality: creative, stylish, busy
Behaviors: works 8hrs/day; shops online; checks social media daily
Devices owned: iPhone, iPad, Fitness Tracker

Needs: her flat fixed; help with technical decisions; 

James - "I'm a detail guy. I like to discover things in my free time."

Occupation: Engineer
Age & Location: 32 - life in a big city
Personality: adaptability, patience
Behaviors: works 8hrs/day; daily news checkings
Devices owned: iPhone, Portable Printer

Needs: general maintenance; help with house cleaning; 

Competitor Analysis

There are only a few local apps in the store and while some are very comprehensive, they fail at speed, user experience or design.




Prioritization matrix

A minimum viable product is enough to engage new and old users - it has enough value that people are willing to use it initially and it provides a feedback loop to guide future development.


User flow

I have created the following user flow and identified unnecessary points and dead-ends in order to keep the flow clear.


Lo-Fi wireframes

Time to use the reasearch and check if feasible for the next step.


Enter the branding

The information is ready, let's move on to branding, colors, typography and all the other magical elements.


User interface elements

Colors, typography, white space, consistency and clarity.


Quick access

There is no need for tutorials and intros and any other documentation when someone needs help fast. Being fast and helpful goes a long way. There is always time for more support.


A right time

Why not skip the long register form in which you must type names, emails, phone numbers, passwords, location and so on. Just ask it when it's needed, when it makes sense.


Clear instructions

Simplicity and usefulness - "here are your options; this is what you chose; this is what will happen".


What the client said

Alex S. - Owner and developer.
"Cata was great to work with. He understood my requests and walked me through an entire design process. He is very organized and willing to put in extra effort to get things right. I was fully pleased and I highly recommend him."

- client contact available if needed

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