About me

18 years experience / print & online / startups + companies / full & part time jobs / freelancing since 2012

I am a multidisciplinary designer living in Bucharest (where? here) with my wife and a lolcat.

Things I do while working:

  • Visual Identity (logo, social media presence)
  • App Design (mobile, web based, desktop)
  • Web Design (eCommerce, presentation, Landing Pages)
  • Print Design (all things stationery, marketing materials, packaging)
  • Animation & illustration

My style can be described as clean & clear, positive and content focused.
For general work I use Adobe products, mainly Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. For app design & prototype, Figma.

My hobbies include traditional drawing, creative product design and pretty much anything I can reshape or paint, you can see here some samples. 

If you like my work and want to discuss a project, drop me a line

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