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Hi, this is about me in three small paragraphs:

Having a wide range of skills and experience (over 15 years), it's easy for me to plan a project and see it finished. My background is in print and visual design came natural to me. I enjoy designing and coding websites using HTML & CSS and currently I'm learning JavaScript - the dream is to be able to code apps too.

With my design and implementation skills I can deliver your project alone. I have worked as a Graphic Designer for more than 6 years before learning HTML and CSS so I have a strong base in UI and UX. Adding to this I like animation and creating high quality GIF's and videos can boost your online presence.

My tools are Figma + Adobe apps but I can also draw by hand. For Front-end I use Visual Studio Code. Click here to go to my LinkedIn page.

Thank you for stopping by, let's start a project together! 🤝