About me

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I am a multidisciplinary designer living in Bucharest (where? here) with my wife and a lolcat.

My first job was handling a Vinyl cutter & then moved on to Lasers, working with a local advertising agency. I then went on to web design – never designed a website using Tables (thank God!) - but caught the first CSS train and spent some years working as a Frontend Designer for several companies until I realized my passion was visuals.

7 years ago I have started my freelance business, working with tens of start-ups or established companies. My favourite way to work is long-term, since a brand’s identity requires time and care to develop in a healthy manner, but I also take on project-based work.

My style can be described as clean & clear, positive and content focused.
For work I use Adobe products, mainly Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. For prototype InVision.

My hobbies include traditional drawing, creative product design and pretty much anything I can reshape or paint, you can see here some samples. 

If you like my work and want to discuss a project, drop me a line